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A search program of the Bahá’í Writings for Macintosh computers. All files are Authenticated, Proofread, and Authorized Translations (unless otherwise noted as Provisional). The download includes a plain text version for use on non-Mac OSX computers, utilizing any text reading software that is installed. We recommend that those with Windows based systems use Ocean.

To install ARCHIVE, drag the ARCHIVE folder to the Applications folder. Then open the folder and drag the ARCHIVE to the Dock for easy access. Click on the logo below to download the current version of ARCHIVE.


Below are two novels about Bahá’ís in contemporary settings written by Stephen D. Dighton. Locked In is a medical mystery. Breathe Not the Sins of Others is a suspense novel. The books are available in iBook format for use on iPad and iPhone or any other device that uses the ePub format, and as PDF files for use on any computer. Just click on the book title listed below in the format you prefer.

His New Name, A Biblical Examination of the Claims of Bahá’u’lláh by Stephen D. Dighton, is a monograph that went out of print some 20 years ago. It was the first work published by Schoolmarm Wood Publications. Due to recent requests for copies, it was resurrected from an archived computer file of the manuscript and is now offered here as a PDF download.

These are copyrighted works, not in the public domain, so all copyright restrictions still apply. The author has made them available without charge only from this site as a thank you to those who visit this site. Please do not copy and/or distribute them yourself, even if you do not receive remuneration for doing so. Instead, please refer people to this site so they can download a copy them themselves. Thank you.

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Locked In iBook Format

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