How many times have you faced the impossible task of answering the question, in 25 words or less, "What is the Bahá'í Faith?" because the situation didn't allow you time to give a more complete and effective answer?

You're in line at the store, or at a venue on vacation, or on the bus and the next stop is where you or the person gets off. You've got maybe two minutes to answer and not much chance of reconnecting with them for a meaningful conversation. Of course, you can give them a card with the principles and your phone number, but how often has that generated a return call? Especially when they live on the other side of the country. Giving them the 800-22-UNITE number might be better, but the odds are that they have not gotten enough exposure to the Faith to pursue it further.

What though, if you could give these people something that would present the Faith in a dignified and engaging way and even encourage them to get back in touch with you?

Now you can.

The Light of Unity is a 21 minute video DVD that gives a brief, yet comprehensive, overview of the Faith by answering commonly asked questions in an informal, conversational style, utilizing graphics and pictures in much the same way you might if you had the time and the materials at hand. Brief quotations from the Writings are used where appropriate to expose viewers to the Creative Word without beating them over the head with them.

Most importantly, you can be fairly certain that they won't dump this disk in the trash like they might a card or brochure or even a computer program on a CD. Would you put a CD from a stranger in your computer? People, however, watch DVD's all the time. They are safe and easy to use. You just put it in the player and sit back in the comfort of your own home.

The disk label has the 800-22-UNITE number and U.S. web site address as well as a place for your personal contact information so the recipient has several ways to follow up. You can use a rubber stamp or handwrite the information with a felt pen.

The Light of Unity answers these frequently asked questions:

What is the Bahá'í Faith? • Who are the Bahá'ís? • What do Bahá'ís believe?

How do the Bahá'ís put these beliefs into practice? • Who are the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh?

What did Bahá'u'lláh teach? • Is there really only one Bahá'í Faith?

Who's in charge of the Bahá'í Faith? • Are there any rules or laws you have to obey?

If the viewer wants to review a section, they find the question in the chapter menu and press play, just as they would any commercially available movie.

The Light of Unity is suitable for Firesides and Public Meetings, with or without a designated speaker. It also fits comfortably into direct teaching. It can be used as the introduction to the Faith you show when visiting for the first time and can be left with the person when you leave. It can also be used in combination with other presentations, such as Anna's Presentation from Ruhi Book 6. It can even be left with those who choose not to hear a presentation at the time you visit, if they are willing to accept such a gift to view later on their own. Assemblies may find The Light of Unity an excellent "literature" choice for certain events, such as World Religion Day.

For a gift to local dignitaries who are being honored, such as at a Human Rights Award event, we have created a "Presentation Package" that consists of the DVD in a standard size DVD case with cover art. There are many other ways to use this package, such as the DVD that is kept at the Bahá'í Center for Firesides, the copy that is given to libraries that offer DVD's to check out for home viewing, your own home library copy, any occasion or place where a full size standard DVD package is preferable.

Watch the complete, 22 minute The Light of Unity on YouTube

Still wondering if you should order this DVD? Please consider this unsolicited review:

We too always wanted to make movies for the Friends and share inspiring pictures with seekers. Your work has always been extraordinarily superb, but your new video is beyond amazing. We ordered copies.

We have seen Baha'i works quite moving and effective on YouTube, confidentially yours pole vaults them all.... Top notch production values. Aesthetically graceful. Doctrinally correct, with a comprehensive yet succinct overview. Our Faith's mandates, vision, emphasis and priorities clear. Most important, spiritually powerful & true. The Writings so carefully selected.

The message is here: Love and unity for all mankind. The time is now. In an otherwise hopeless world we are grateful. Joyful! Indeed the masses are waiting.

Rebecca O.

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And now we get to one of The Light of Unity's best features--its price. For as little as $2.00 you can give someone a fresh, relaxed, and inviting introduction to the Faith with a means for them to follow up on it. The Light of Unity is the new, more enticing, more effective business card you've always wanted to have on hand. And now you can.

Light of Unity DVD in slim case single ($3.50)

Light of Unity DVD in slim case 10-Pak ($25.00

Light of Unity DVD in slim case 25-Pak ($55.00)

Light of Unity DVD in slim case 50-Pak ($100.00)

Light of Unity "Presentation Package" ($7.00)